Visas Services

All foreign travelers entering Ethiopia are required to have Ethiopian visa. Accordingly, our Embassy in P.R. China provides
visa services in Beijing, ChongQing, Guangzhou and Shanghai Consulate Offices.

And applicants from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong can apply for visa at Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong
Ethiopian Honorable Consulate Offices respectively.

Type of Travel Document and Visa Type Fee for one time/ up to a month (USD/RMB) Fee single entry/ three months (USD/RMB) Fee for multiple entries/3 months (USD/RMB) Fee for Multiple entries/ 6 months (USD/RMB) Fee for Multiple entries/ 1 year (USD/RMB)
For investment(Business) (I-V) 30/198 40/264 60/396 120/792
For Various Government (G-I-V) 20/132 80/528 120/792
Employee of Foreign (W-V) 40/264 60/396 80/528
Government employee (G-V) 30/198 40/264 60/396
For NGOs (N-V) 60/396
For employees of Continental (R-I) 50/330 70/462 90/594
For short term meeting Workshop & Seminar (C-V) 30/198
For Media(Journalist) (J-V) 40/264
For Employee of Private enterprise (P-E) 30/198 50/330 80/528

Tourist Visa

No. Type of Visa Amount of Fees in USD Amount of Fees in RMB
1 Single Visa for 30 days 30 40 264
2 Single Visa for 3 months 3 60 396
3 Multiple Visa for 3 months 3 70 462
4 Multiple Visa for 6 months 6 80 528

On Arrival Visa

No. Staying Time Amount of Fees in USD Amount of Fees in RMB
1 12 Hours 25 165
2 24 Hours 40 264
3 48 Hours 50 330
4 72 Hours 60 396
5 Two times transit for not more than 24 hours 50 330

Student Visa

No. Type of Visa Amount of Fees in USD Amount of Fees in RMB
1 Student Visa 40 264


Travel Document

No TYPES OF TRAVEL DOCUMENT NO. OF PAGES Amount of Fees in USB Amount of Fees in RMB
1 Ordinary Passport 32 60 396.00
2 Ordinary Passport 48 80 528.00
3 Ordinary Passport 64 110 726.00
4 Laiseez Paser 50 330.00
5 Emergency travel Document for foreign residence 60 396.00

Fees for Identification cards of Persons of Ethiopian Origin

No TYPES OF TRAVEL DOCUMENT Due time Amount of Fees in USB Amount of Fees in RMB
1 Identification cards for Persons of Ethiopian Origin 5 years 200 1320
2 For children below 18 years age 20 132
3 Replacement of an expired identification card 200 1320
4 Replacement of a worn out identification card 10% to the ordinary payment 1452
5 Replacement of a lost identification card for the first time 20% to the ordinary payment 1584
Replacement of a lost identification card for the second time 50% to the ordinary payment 1980
Replacement of a lost identification card for the third time or more 100% to the ordinary payment 2640
6 Daily penalty for those who did not renew their identification card on time
From 1 up to 15 days 3 USD per day
From 15 up to 30 days 5 USD per day

ii. Application Procedure
1.Provide application letter explaining purpose of travel.

- Tourist visa, a copy of round trip ticket together with employer’s acknowledgement letter or letter of invitation from Ethiopia
should be attached.
· Business visa, organizations already invested in Ethiopia, applying for business visa, should send their request to the office of
theImmigration and Nationality Affairs of Ethiopia through their representative offices in Addis Ababa. The Embassy provides
business visaonly when approved through above process.
· Transit visa a visa from the destination country should be first secured to get a transit visa.

2-Each Passport should have at least 6-month validity.

3-Visa form should be filled out in one copy. (Form is available at the bottom of this page)

4-One passport size picture should be attached

5- If applicants from Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and North Korea prefer to apply to the Embassy of Ethiopia
in Beijing, application should be sent to the following address:

Embassy of Ethiopia
No. 3 Xiu Shui Nan Jie,
Jian Guo Men Wai, Beijing 100600
P. R. China

Visa processing fee and return postage fee should be directly transferred to the Embassy's account through Bank Telegraphic Transfer
to the following bank account address:

Bank of China, Head Office
Beneficiary- Ethiopian Embassy
Account number- 778350027645

N. B
Applicants must make sure that all the required Bank Commission should be borne by themselves while transferring the visa processing

The copy of the Bank Telegraphic Transfer should be sent together with application letter, visa form and passport.

Return postage fee for Hong Kong and Macao USD27.00
Return postage fee for Singapore ????????? USD40.00
Return postage fee for Malaysia USD40.00
If ordinary registered mail preferred - return postage is done for free

Please Download Visa Application Form ~Download Pdf