Investing in Ethiopia - Overview

Ethiopia is a diverse, vibrant country that has already achieved macro-economic stability and stands poised for expanded economic growth. (Watch this short clip)
Ethiopia has experienced double digit growth since 2003 and is projected to continue that growth for another two decades. The Ethiopian government has demonstrated a strong commitment to the private sector, which has helped paved the way for the country's remarkable economic progress. The exchange rate in Ethiopia is stable, and working and living environments are safe and secure.
There are numerous, excellent reasons to invest in Ethiopia. For more background information, check out the Ethiopian Investment Guide.
If you are interested in doing business in Ethiopia or would like more information, please contact:

Embassy of Ethiopia
Economic and Business Section
No.3 Xiu Shui Nan Jie
Jian Guo Men Wai
Beijing, China 100600
Tel. (+86) 10-65325258
FAX: (+86)10-62325591