Chinese Citizens and permanent residents from these countries could get authentication services from the
Embassy of Ethiopia in P. R. China.

i- Application Procedure
1. All documents should be, first, authenticated by respective national institutions such as the Foreign Ministries before they are forwarded
to the Embassy.

2. Application letter indicating the purpose of authentication should be provided.

3. All documents should be original. If copies must be authenticated the original document should be presented for reference, or the copy
should be confirmed by a legal authority.
ii- How to send application from Hong Kong and Macao to the Embassy of Ethiopia in China.
1- Applicants from the above mentioned areas can send documents to be authenticated to the Embassy in P. R. China through the following
address :
Embassy of Ethiopia
No. 3 Xiu Shui Nan Jie,
Jian Guo Men Wai, Beijing 100600
P. R. China
2- Authentication processing fee should be directly transferred to the Embassy's account through Bank Telegraphic
Transfer to the following address:
Bank of China, Head Office
Beneficiary- Ethiopian Embassy
Account number- 778350027645
N. B
Applicants must make sure that all the required Bank Commission should be borne by themselves while transferring the passport-processing

The copy of the Bank Telegraphic Transfer should be sent together with the document to be authenticated

No Authentication Types Amount of Fees in USD (For Ethipoian) Amount of Fees in RMB (For Ethipoian) Amount of Fees in USD (For Chinese) Amount of Fees in RMB (For Chinese)
1 Personal documents(certificates of marriage, birth, death, driver's license, awards etc...) 45.00 391.50 72.00 626.40
2 Court decisions (pecuniary documents) 47.00 408.90 76.80 669.90